A Change of pace: Lessons learned from owning all three “Current Generation” Consoles…

4 02 2010

I’m going to try mixing things up a bit here… I have two blogs right now, one over at IGN, and then this one, posted both on wordpress and on land8lounge.  As I seem to be having issues getting myself to write, I’m merging the blogs into one, at least for the time being.  This means you may be getting more game related blogs then you are used to, but I will do my best to keep it interesting to everyone.  For instance, even if you are not interested in gaming, you know someone who is.  Maybe its a son or a daughter, and they really want to get a new console, and you don’t know which to get them.  Maybe you have a crush on a gamer, and don’t know what to talk to them about-  here’s some great recon for you!

A week ago I made the move, with my fiance, from Chicago to Queens, NY.  I had spend the previous year and a half working at Best Buy after being laid off from a landscape architecture job, and it looks like I may be starting at a store out here as early as next week.  All of this is VERY interesting, I know, but where it gets awesome is in this fact: I have owned every Nintendo console from the NES to the Wii, a PS2 and a PS3, and have never owned an XBOX or an XBOX 360.  However, all that changed thanks to my amazing friends at my old Best Buy at Old Orchard, who bought me a 360 along with Modern Warfare 2 as a going away gift/way to keep in contact.  The last week I have spent with the console has taught me a few things:

1. BBY334 is an awesome place staffed with awesome people.  If your in the area, stop by, and pick up a TV or something…

2. Modern Warfare 2 is way more fun than I wanted to admit. (I was a holdout from buying the game due to Infinity Ward screwing up the PC version)  Its not anything amazingly different than COD World at War, but it is still a blast, and I need to get in some big battles with people I know to put my mic to good use.

3. People talk about the advantage that 360 has with every player having a mic, VS. PS3 where you have to buy one separately.  I never want to hear that argument again.  After a some pre-pubescent kid just kept screaming about how much he hated the game, and how he was never going to play again, another player told him “Then stop playing.”  Makes sense… Response from the kid: “No one is talking to you!”  My question: “Why are you saying it on a live mic then?  if its something no one is supposed to hear, care about, or comment on, then why are you cluttering my headset with it?”  I then muted him.  The thing is, it looks like roughly 75% of 360 player have their mics plugged in when playing MW2.  Of those, maybe 30% actually use it to communicate about the game, 50% is dead air, and 20% is people screaming for no reason.  Yes, fewer people use mics on the PS3, but its the same 25% or so on PS3 and 360 who use it for a good reason.  Its just that the PS3 airwaves aren’t cluttered with rants.

4. Hardware wise, the PS3 is a superior system.  I’m not talking purely system specs, although Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 on PS3 blow away ANY 360 exclusive game graphics wise, I’m talking build quality.  The 360 sounds like an old desktop that is constantly doing a boot sequence/defrag.  constant loud fan roar with lots of hard drive chirps, to the point that I was a little worried about it exploding the instant it turned on.

5. Anyone who is going to call them selves a true gamer, and in any way can afford it, needs to have all three current generation systems. Yes its loud as hell both hardware wise and user wise, but without a 360 (Or a new PC) I cannot experience Mass Effect 1/2, Forza, a working version of Bayonetta, Gears of War, or Left 4 Dead.  Just like without a PS3 I never would have experienced Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted 1/2, inFamous, MAG, or Little Big Planet. Or the Wii with Endless Ocean, Mario Galaxy, No More Heroes, or Metroid Prime 3.  If you can, get all three.  There is no reason for anyone to be “fanboys” about consoles.  Sure, you can prefer one over the other, but anyone who says one is worthless hasn’t played the right games on the system.

I am booting up Mass Effect 1 right now to give it my first try, hoping that I don’t find that “I don’t like space!”  I loved Uncharted 1 and 2, and I was already leaning towards getting ME1/2 at some point, but Greg Miller’s post about Mass Effect 2 compared to Uncharted pushed me over the edge.  I respect Greg and agree with most of his gaming opinions (Sorry Greg, I’m never going to be a country fan, or a pop fan), and look forward to enjoying the type of deep, involved story that he described.  I will try to fix it up with more blogging, getting a job, and some Madden 10 and Modern Warfare 2, along with MAG and maybe some Mario Kart.  Friend Request me, and We’ll have to play sometime…

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Good gaming people…