This blog is a mix of things, a design blog, a photoshop and 3D graphics blog, a technology blog, and a gaming blog.  It is a place for me to talk about all the things I love, why I love them,, and why I think you should too.  It doesn’t matter if you came here from my Linked-in page, my gaming/tech blog over at MyIGN, or my Land8Lounge blog about design and techniques, or from a Google image search for “plan turf tutorial” (where I am very proud of my 16 image results on the first page); I hope you find that there is another side, or three, to the blog you find interesting.

That sums up roughly what the blog is, so who am I? I’m a Landscape Designer with a Masters in Landscape Architecture, a gamer, a “nerdist”, and a tech geek.  I can nerd out with the best over things like physics and astronomy, the latest game on Playstation Vita, the problems with the new iPad, and the ridiculous proposed design for a park across town.  When I’m not doing that, or looking for a full-time job at a Landscape architecture firm in the New York area, I am also doing freelance computer graphics for designers, Landscape Architects, and Architects.  So if you like the work I do here, and have some room on your team either short term or long term, send me an E-Mail (FrankVarro (at) gmail) and let me know!

This should be an open, honest forum for discussion on any topic I post about.  If you feel I am missing information that biased an opinion, or that my rendering technique looks “wonky” please, let me know.


One response

15 06 2009
Bill Thompson

Hello Frank, saw your comment about LAM and your blog. May I publish in the upcoming LAM?

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